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Reliable quality for everyday communication. Perfect voice quality with adjustable sound profiles Talk hands-free with superior audio quality Phonebook can store up to names and numbers Illuminated black and white graphic display Call blocking for eco slim utilizare to 32 blacklisted numbers Description Simply sounds good - a DECT phone with outstanding audio features The choice is yours: You can make a call either using the handset or in hands-free mode, giving you the freedom to do something else at the same time and even allow others to join in the conversation.

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Or, you can decide which of the two hands-free profiles you'd rather use: Adjust the strength of higher or lower frequencies to make the sound comfortable for you.

Whatever you decide, you can always rely on perfect voice quality! Clear, ergonomic, intuitive - who knew using the phone could be so simple?

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The first thing you notice about the Gigaset A is its large, illuminated, black-and-white graphic display. The display has a number of advantages: The large numeric display in dialling mode and the strong contrast between the black lettering and the white background have been designed to ensure that the telephone is even easier to use.

The ergonomic keyboard with illuminated keys and intuitive handling also contribute to eco slim utilizare talking on the phone as convenient as possible.

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Switch off once in a while - with protection against unwanted calls If you're not in the mood for talking, you can ignore certain phone numbers or anonymous callers by adding up to 32 numbers to your blacklist - when activated, this function either rejects calls from these numbers or simply shows them on the display without the phone ringing. You can add undesirable numbers to the blacklist manually or copy them from your call history.

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You can also prevent the phone from ringing for anonymous calls i. What's more, you can add selected numbers to a VIP group to ensure that these calls always come through even when Do Not Disturb is enabled. Stay in touch with a built-in phone book and a long talk time The Gigaset A makes communication easy: With 14 hours of talk time, you can rest assured that you will always be able to talk to your contacts at any time.

Felhasználói és szerelői kézikönyv Manual de instrucţiuni destinat utilizatorului şi instalatorului

The device's integrated phone book can hold up to names and numbers. In addition, the last 25 calls with the caller's number and the time at which they rang are listed automatically. Furthermore, with a standby time of hours, callers will always be able to get hold of you.

Never miss a call - the Gigaset AA with built-in digital answering machine On the move and can't get to your phone?

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No problem: you can count on your answering machine. The device can save up to 20 minutes' worth of messages, which you can then listen to at your convenience via the handset, the base station or remotely. Once recorded, your messages will remain saved even in the event of a power cut. You can even personalise your answering machine by recording your own outgoing message and setting the maximum recording length. Even greater flexibility - with a multitude of compatible handsets Use your phone wherever you need it: The Gigaset A can be expanded with up to four handsets, which you can place anywhere in your home.

Gigaset A690

So whether you're in the kitchen, the bedroom or your home office, you'll always have a phone to hand. Click here for a list of additional handsets metildrene 25 zsírégető mellékhatások are compatible with the Gigaset A This means that the phones are radiation-free in standby mode, even when you're using multiple handsets, provided that eco slim utilizare base and all connected handsets support ECO DECT too.

During a call, the transmission power automatically adapts to the distance between the handset and the base.

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The smaller the distance between the handset and the base, the lower the radiation. Technical details Specifications To show the exact product specifications please choose the according product options Color, Variant and TAD function first.

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