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Achieving zero non-hazardous waste from factories is a key element of this target. In52 sites were there. We have now reached sites. I am proud of the team effort which has got us to this milestone.

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Reducing waste at source was identified early on as a game changer when the campaign began in Where solid waste cannot be eliminated, reused or recycled, it is sent for energy recovery instead of to a landfill. Some examples include: St Dizier, France - ice cream waste separated from packaging via a screw compressor, and passed on to create biogas. Creating a mindset for change across the entire network.

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Unilever's Tortuguitas site in Argentina was the second largest waste generating site in the company, yet the factory leadership team remained convinced they could achieve their target of sending zero non-hazardous waste to landfill in Working with managers across the site, the Factory Director helped create a zero mindset which spread across the entire factory encouraging them to reach their goal.

They formed "Green Teams" - groups of employees given specific responsibility for generating eco-efficiency ideas eco slim kaina creating projects to eliminate and reduce waste generation.

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The zero mindset rapidly spread across Tortuguitas to encompass the way the site works with local suppliers. The intention now is to spread this knowledge across the remaining factories. The Environmental Coordinator from the Africa cluster has recently visited Tortuguitas to learn about the best practices. This knowledge will then be used to help make the necessary changes in helping all African factories achieve zero non-hazardous waste to landfill.

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